Biographical Sketches of Lusaka Baptist Church Pastors

Graham Ingram (on the left) was the third pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church from 1969 to 1976. He played a leading role in seeing the church change from primarily serving the Europeans and expatriates to an indigenous church with a major outreach to students.

Graham Ingram was born near Sheffield in the north of England. His family was not Christian. He became a Christian in 1955 when was eighteen years of age and doing compulsory military service. A few months before he had been strongly influenced by two young men who were preaching in the street. Through their words the Holy Spirit convicted him of sin. Six months later after meeting some more Christians, and seeing Christ in them, he knelt by his barrack room bed - in front of 20 other soldiers – and surrendered to Christ. Ingram was educated at the King Edward VI Grammar School in Retford, Nottinghamshire; the City of Sheffield Teacher Training College and Spurgeon's College in London.

From early on in his Christian life Graham was aware of a call to preach. It was whilst was training to be a teacher, in 1958, that his pastor spoke to him about the possibility that God wanted him in the Christian ministry. He went to study at Spurgeon’s College. In the early years the college carried the cost of his studies. His family had rejected him because of his faith and determination to preach. He was not allowed to visit his home for four years. God supplied all his financial needs. In the latter part of his theological education he received government bursaries.

Graham become pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church in January 1969. Before that he pastored South Lee Baptist Church in London. Other churches where he ministered include Wynberg Baptist Church in Cape Town, Vineyard Fellowship, Grace Fellowship all in Cape Town. Others are Long Beach Metropolitan Community Church in California, Wycliffe Baptist Church in England and Fish Hoek Baptist Church from 2004 as missionary and assistant pastor.

Graham’s ministry played a great role in making LBC burst its seams in terms of membership of a large multi-racial church. He was influenced by the preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and systematically and passionately expounded the Scriptures. Ingram pioneered evangelistic outreach to various secondary schools and UNZA. Many students came to Christ through the special evening services for students. The membership of LBC grew to over 200 in those years. This led to the extension of the church building. Ingram preached from Romans, Ephesians, Revelation and topics such as Revival, Prayer, “People who met Jesus”. Muwowo (2001:1) says “the pastor preached with such intensity that some convicted of sin could not leave their seats at the end of a service.


Mwindula Mbewe said…
Wow, What a man! How did he die and is there any information about his family?
Unknown said…
Was it under this brother that the early broadcasting ministries refered to in the 100 years of Baptist History in Zambia were started?
Mwindula, Graham Ingram is still alive. he live in Capetown, SA.

Kalenga, that I'm not sure I'd need to research.

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